Little Oaks School

In Our School

Class Room

Class Rooms

We provide comfortable and spacious classrooms ensuring that those are enriched with fresh air.

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Scince Lab

Science lab

Our science lab ensures that children can understand subject through experimentation to enhance.

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Our library is stocked with class-wise arrangement of various reference books. Apart from this.

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Play School

Computer Lab

Computer education in school helps the children to get access to the extensive world of information.

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GreenOaks High School is promoted by the leadership of executives with a passion for education. It is set by a group of businessmen and NRI’s of leading companies, who are committed to mould the students into successful professionals and proud citizens of the nation. GreekOaks lays a strong foundation in the student career by honing their innate abilities and learning skills in order to transform them into competent individuals to face the global environment.

our Mission

Our Mission

  • To provide education that promotes values by developing good culture, self-discipline, social awareness, motivation, excellence in understanding and learning.
  • To mould young active learners to think innovatively and outstand in the competitive environment.

Our Vision

  • To discover your child’s capability, and nurture their creativity and intellectual talent to produce successful global citizens.
  • GreenOaks provides an excellent curriculum that focuses on the all-round development of your child. At GreenOaks, your child’s education needs are carefully nurtured by our passionate and inspiring teachers. Our robust teaching methodology, excellent faculty, advanced technology, pleasant and enriching school environment.

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How to overcome the fear of exams – Here are three key suggestions

Exams… just the sound of it drives fear into the hearts of children and parents. It is the need of the hour to motivate parents and children on how to overcome the fear of exams. The school administration has to motivate teachers, students and parents to face the examinations as they are by proper planning […]

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Importance of Learning Self-defense for Students

Self-defense is a way or system to guard oneself against any physical assault or any mischief without causing a lot of violence against any physical assault occurring. Learning Self-defense and applying it while in threat is especially significant for everybody to be it a young lady or a kid or a youngster or a grown-up […]

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Back to School – Begin the New Academic Year Progressively!

Going back to school for a new academic year is a joyful event for students as it reconnects them with school friends and happiness of buying new school supplies and regularity of the school schedule. We advise a few powerful tips to follow that helps you begin the upcoming academic year progressively. Get Organized Making […]

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